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PrettyFun is a one-stop beauty & kids-friendly concept store which provides top quality and innovative beauty services for all women. Housing a team of trained and skilled specialists with regular training and upgrading, PrettyFun offers a variety of premium beauty services that got you covered under one roof – bringing you convenience too!


Being a multi-faceted woman in these modern days, we strive to do our best in all aspects and especially more so after we become a Mom. Recognizing that #MomsGuilt is a real & common issue that many women face, PrettyFun created a free-to-play indoor playground, kitchen pretend play area, Montessori learning space, reading corner and TV lounge area for your little ones to enjoy while you take a break & enjoy your well-deserved pampering session.


We strongly believe confidence breeds beauty – it is not just all about a look but it is also a feeling. We are here to provide a holistic & unique PrettyFun beauty experience to uplift and empower women of all ages & ethnicities by creating their confidence to feel beautiful and good all day long.


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