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PRETTYFUN specializes in the art of lash extensions, providing classic single strands extension, volume lash extension to hybrid lash extension – giving you beautiful lashes that accentuate your eyes, making them appear bigger, brighter, longer, refreshed. 

At PRETTYFUN, we pamper your lashes with our 4 steps lash spa – we double cleanse, prime, boost and superbond. A lash assessment will also be carried out by our trained lash artist before each lash session to provide a recommendation on the lash length, thickness, curl, and design to suit your individual eye shape to achieve the look you desire. Not only that, but we also control our space’s temperature and humidity to ensure that our adhesives are working in the best condition to give you awesome retention!

We want to equip our customers with more knowledge about eyelash extension by educating them on lash application, techniques, proper lash care to keep their natural lashes healthy and intact.

Eyelash extension is a meticulous piece of artwork and we take time and care to ensure that your lashes receive only the best and no damage.


Lash lift is a safe lash service to add a semi-permanent curl for your lashes which last for 6-8 weeks. Many people want to have perfectly curled and wispy lashes but it is always a struggle to get them look just right on a daily basis. Using mascara and lash curlers can only damage your natural lash in the long run and removal of mascara is a chore.

This amazing, low-maintenance technique adds semi-permanent curl, leaving you with beautifully lifted lashes — no curlers or mascara required! Choose from 3 different curl types and how lifted you want your lash to be and add on a tint or semi permanent mascara to make your lashes look darker, thicker and fuller.



The first lash lifting treatment that has clinically proven results!

What is the difference between Lash Lift and Lash Filler?

Lash Filler is a treatment, that will not only lift your lashes and add them a curl, but it will also improve the condition and health of your natural lashes. What is more, it is the first treatment in the world that by its clinical test has proven that increases the thickness of natural lashes by 24%! Yes, that is correct – your lashes not only will be lifted and appear longer, but they will also be visibly thicker! All thanks to specially developed products that have the ability to go into hair structure and work from the inside. 

Also, it is not only an effective treatment, but is also very gentle on the lashes, making it absolutely perfect for anyone:

  • taking break from eyelash extension

  • allergic to lash adhesive

  • with ‘weak’ or sparse lashes

  • who has damaged lashes

  • with short or long lashes



An effective lash technology from Germany to stimulate your hair follicles to promote natural growth of your eyelashes. The device we use is embedded with surgical stainless steel micro-needles to ensure the safety of your eyes. Using natural plant stem cells serums, this treatment helps to strengthen hair roots so lashes do not fall off so easily. It also promotes longer and denser lashes with no pain, no downtime and no side effects. This treatment can help you achieve up to 8mm permanent lash growth!

FAQs here!

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FAQ On lash Regrowth

You will see 1-3mm growth in just 1 session. Nonetheless, we usually recommend 2-3 sessions for optimal results depending on you lash condition

The micro-needle we are use is only 0.2mm, therefore you will only feel a tinkling sensation. Some of our customers even fall asleep during the session as it feels like an eye massage therapy.

 Your lashes can grow up to 8mm and the results will be able to last a minimum of 2 years.

Yes, this treatment helps in terms of length, volume and thickness. You will be able to achieve longer and fuller eyelashes

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